Omar Hassan


Omar Hassan_His artistic research is a constant attempt to trace time through his pictorial gestures of synthesis. His painting technique is inspired by his past as a boxer. He became famous for his experiments in action painting by dipping his boxing gloves in paint and literally punching his canvases. Subsequently, his art began to feature the spray can, creating the series entitled "Injections" With his Dots series, Omar highlights the concepts of synthesis and subtraction, rationality and irrationality. His first major recognitions began early, in 2011 with his participation in the Venice Biennale, followed by mentions and exhibitions in permanent collections and international solo shows. Boxing, the Noble Art is thus celebrated in 2014, by literally punching his own canvases, with a series of 121 works, "Breaking Through" a series linked to the synthesis of the gesture; the fist is charged with all the valences of a discipline in a single sign: "I'm not punching to destroy, I'm creating". Today Omar exhibits in and lives and works between Milan and Miami.

Omar Hassan Portrait


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