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Fabio Novembre
Welcome is a design object that adapts to the setting and the lifestyle of its occupants, conceived for different purposes: it is a portable and rechargeable lamp with direct light emission, it is a centerpiece riser on a laid table, it is a tray for knickknacks and a pocket emptier. Available in white, black and red, to be perfectly integrated in any domestic and catering context, indoors and outdoors. "The technology we use in our daily lives has led to a hybridisation of functions that is now part of our lives. I am no longer sure that a lamp should only bring light. Perhaps these small instruments that accompany us in different environments and atmospheres, on a dining table or on a bedside table, could also help us to welcome other objects, to highlight them or simply keep them within reach. Welcome was born from a gesture of inclusion, a happy coexistence of functions for unexpected combinations." Fabio Novembre
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Technical data


Fabio Novembre

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White portable lamp with direct LED light also to be used as a centrepiece. Made of mass-coloured ABS plastic, the diffuser is of transparent opal PMMA. A transparent touch button allows switching on and off and adjusting the light intensity as well as indicating the charge level. The lamp is powered by an 8 hour battery and rechargeable via cable with USB socket. Indoor/outdoor use. Made in Italy.

Composition: abs

Height: 17,6 cm

Diameter: 23 cm

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    Fabio Novembre

    He was born in Lecce in 1966 and graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1992. In 1994 he opened his own studio which immediately became an international reference point for architecture. Over the years, collaborations have alternated with the most important Italian design companies and his work has been recognized and published worldwide for his visionary approach. Since 2019 Fabio...



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