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Fredrikson Stallard
Color B37
In Sereno Fredrikson Stallard create a moment of calm and solitude. The forms themselves are created from shards of glass violently created by the artists, but they become unified in utter stillness by the inclusion of a simple flat sheet and the transformation of the group into polished stainless steel. This brings a reflection of the three unified elements in the surface, creating another of fredrikson stallard’s recurring themes, rorschach like symmetrical forms. This even further delivers their nature from turmoil to serenity - they resolve themselves through the reorganization of symmetry.

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Fredrikson Stallard

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Sculpture legs in polished cast aluminum plated finished and mdf top with mirror polished stainless steel coating.

Composition: polished stainless steel, metallized aluminum

Height: 56 cm

Width: 130 cm

Depth: 130 cm

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