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Francesco Bolis

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Photography and design are closely related disciplines. How many wonderful things we have actually known more through their image than for a ratio of direct use? In this case, however, the story is different: a photographer becomes designer, to bring his visions of the world into the homes of many people. In particular the galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which has been an emblem for Milan, since Mengoni conceived it in 1865. The matter is: how can you transform a picture into an object? Maybe by laying the image on a screen that offers, unexpectedly, a mirror on the rear side, a “triptych” mirror designed to perceive our entire figure, as once in the tailor shops.
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Technical data


Francesco Bolis

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Structure consisting of three mdf panels, black laminated on the back side. The screen is coated on the front side with an extra-clear silver mirror covered with a digital image.

Composition: printed, laminated mirror

Height: 200 cm

Width: 135 cm

Depth: 2,5 cm

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    Francesco Bolis

    FrancescoᅠBolis is an architectural and interior photographer. His peculiar interest in architecture, interiors, urban and industrial landscapes led him to a continuous and ongoing cooperation with Driade for which he curated graphic design and photographic projects. Over his career he has reproduced and documented travels, portraits, architectures, sculptures and installation works. In 2013 he...



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