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A table set in white Bone China porcelain designed by the artist and designer Xie Dong who has revisited, in a poetic way, the workmanship of traditional Chinese ceramics. The porcelain is processed to obtain a very thin thickness: extremely fine, resembling a sheet of paper. Complex technical processes allow the porcelain to take on magical and changing forms: it folds, rolls, sways, creases, curves, turns ... The glossy, pure white surface plays with the effects of movement and reacts to light as a living form. Each piece in this collection is unique and authentic, produced by hand and signed by the artist who wanted to translate into poetry what is a profound craftsmanship.
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Technical data


Laudani & Romanelli

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Bowl in in white stoneware produced with vertical “cast” molding technique W. 28 cm, D. 28 cm, H .9,1 cm.

Composition: Stoneware

Height: 9,1 cm

Width: 28 cm

Depth: 28,4 cm

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    Laudani & Romanelli

    Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli, architects, have been collaborating since 1988 in the associated studios of Rome and Milan. Operating in the fields of interior design and architecture. In 2001, in Rome, on behalf of Fiat-Engineering, they planned the recovery of the "Museum of Roman Civilization". For both of them, the design work has always been accompanied by intense critical reflection on the...



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