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Analogia Project
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Ordini is a playful and surprising interpretation of classical architectural orders. The workmanship of the vases recalls the mouldings of vitruvian orders in which decorative architectural features become an ornamental element that plays with the cylindrical volume of the vase. The collection includes three elements, namely a broad vase, a narrow vase, and a table centre cup. They feature different decorations with a white and grey chiaroscuro (light-dark) motif or with solid colours (matt white and cobalt blue) enhanced by the warm touch of precious bronze colour mouldings.

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Analogia Project

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Ceramic vase cobalt blue e bronze color.

Composition: ceramic

Height: 45 cm

Diameter: 14 cm

Analogia Project

analogia project is the result of collaboration between designer andrea mancuso and architect emilia serra.ᅠ after their degree in italy, they met at the royal college of art , london, in 2010. andrea mancuso is a designer with a long experience with design product both on one-off and large scale production. his visual language is based on a sense of irony and surprise.ᅠ emilia serra is an architect...


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