Salone del Mobile 2023 – Novelties Furniture

With this new 2023 collection, Driade imagines the future. By nature, Driade has always been sensitive to the variety of aesthetic languages of living, grasping with empathy the value of the change that is sweeping our time.


Design Philippe Starck

Armchair in wood and metal with leather cover.

Re-edition 1983

“One inherent evidence of modern economic and ecological times is the need to go to the minimum of everything, to seek the Economy of the means, of energy and matter. Only this guarantees a timeless product or project,” states Philippe Starck.


Design Ora Ito

Chair in solid ash.

"This timeless simplicity is a welcome reminder in a world where intricate and extravagant designs are often the norm. It is a tribute to simplicity and beauty, while being perfectly suited to contemporary use." Ora Ito

This wooden chair with its minimalist and elegant design stands out for its simplicity and its universal vocabulary.


Design Karim Rashid

Chair in solid ash.

Kalmo is an object with a domestic flavour that conveys a sense of calm and serenity to the environment.

“I'm not generally known for my work in wood, but I was inspired by the history of Driade and my mentor's experimentations in plywood”. Karim Rashid


Design Fabio Novembre

Chair in solid ash.

A wooden chair that tells a love story between two faces intent on looking at each other without ever being able to reach each other.

"Giving form to that moment that separates two faces in the act of kissing. Eyes in eyes, distance as a form of suspension of time. An archetypal symbol carved into that space to remind us that the WE is already a form of love." Fabio Novembre


Design D’Urbino, De Pas, Lomazzi

Armchair and ottoman in fabric or leather.

A re-edition of 1972, the Ipercubo armchair is a timelessly contemporary piece of furniture. Born from the idea of creating a seat of incredible simplicity, clean lines and, at the same time, comfortable and enveloping, the comfort of Ipercubo contrasts with its solid geometric shape.


Design Fabio Novembre

Cabinet in MDF lacquered.

Venus is both art and function into a gaceful design object. Fabio Novembre  draws his inspiraton from the wooden crates used by museums to transport statues.


Design Kateryna Sokolova

Extendable table in MDF lacquered.

The Tottori family is enriched with a new must have, the extendable table.


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