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Ron Arad

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“MT”, the acronym defining this collection designed by Ron Arad, in english is pronounced “empty” that means “vacuum” and emptiness is really the key element of this project. The volume is hollowed and presents provoctively its interior, finished in two colours. This is possible thanks to a double step in the rotational molding. First of all the polyethylene of the outer shell color is placed in the mold. once formed this layer, the second color is inserted and adhere to the first without merging the two polymers, even though this process takes place in blast furnaces. Once extracted from the mold, a five-axis laser will cut off the lateral ends of the product, revealing the two-tone side of the MT. From the typological point of view is also reported the presence of a rocking chair, a rarity in the contemporary world.
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Technical data


Ron Arad

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Polyethylene monobloc. Indoor/outdoor use.

Composition: polyethylene

Height: 78 cm

Width: 80 cm

Depth: 104 cm

Seat Height: 42,5 cm

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    Ron Arad

    ron arad attends the accademy of art in jerusalem and, in 1974, he settles in London where he quickly developes artistic and cultural interests outside architecture. His work becomes increasingly oriented towards design and non-rhetorical artistic use of materials. In 1981, with dennis groves and caroline thorman, he set up One Off, the design agency that made its successful debut with a set of tubular...



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