Driade on Stage Theatre of Triennale Milano

Driade on Stage Theatre of Triennale Milano during the Milano Design Week 2022

During the Milano Design Week 2022, from 7 to 12 June, the theatre of Triennale Milano host the Driade On Stage project, an operation of contamination between the world of design and that of entertainment and art. The fashion designer Marcelo Burlon, the trapper Sfera Ebbasta, the artist Omar Hassan and the gamer and content creator Pow3r, led by the brand's artistic director the architect Fabio Novembre, are the authors of four new projects signed Driade.

Great excitement for the event that took place on Thursday 9 June in the presence of a large audience of design, art, fashion and gaming enthusiasts.
On stage the architect Stefano Boeri, who introduced the Driade on Stage project and the concept of transversality, sharing and inclusion, followed by Fabio Novembre together with Marcelo Burlon, Omar Hassan and Pow3r, took part in a dynamic, passionate and engaging dialogue.

A conversation between long-standing friends who have shared a project realised for Driade with passion and enthusiasm. Stories of life and professional experiences told with the simplicity of an informal, almost confidential chat despite a theatre full of people listening. Reflections on the connection between different disciplines and design, personal stories that are at times intimate and at the same time amusing because they are told with the lightness of a chat between old friends.

"Experimentation, the exploration of different worlds, attention to other languages and cultures from which to draw ideas and new energies, are part of Driade's DNA and it is what allows the brand, which is now over 50 years old, to innovate continuously while remaining true to itself. " says Marco Pozzo, CEO of Driade "Driade on Stage is one of the most eclectic projects of these years, it is a direction of the product strategy that focuses on capsule collections, development of new products and re-editions of iconic pieces that have made the history of design and the brand".

"Not considering myself a purist, I believe that true creativity comes from the interaction between different disciplines. In this regard, I have always loved to surround myself with friends who are actors, musicians, designers and artists in order to always have a different point of view on the world." says Fabio Novembre "Today that point of view is mature enough to propose design solutions worthy of a historic brand like Driade. What the founder used to call an "aesthetic workshop" will this year avail itself of the collaboration of four friends, absolute excellences in their respective fields, who with absolute unpredictability will give shape to their thoughts."

For Driade, Marcelo Burlon designs Edaird, a mirror with a tribal flavour between Argentine earth and sky.
Sfera Ebbasta customises Cocky, an over-the-top chaise longue that can only fly high.
Omar Hassan designs the PiùDiUno tapestry, the perfect synthesis of research and action as a tribute to contemporay art.
Pow3r designs the Arcad3 pouf, a celebration of gaming, its evolution from arcades to the domestic environment.

In order:
Pow3r with the pouf Arcad3,
Marcelo Burlon with Edaird,
Omar Hassan with the tapestry PiùDiUno,
Cocky customized by Sfera Ebbasta.


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