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Xie Dong

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The artist Xie Dong instantly fell in love with the special porcelain Bone China because she considers it the most suitable material for her inspiration as it is pure, delicate, smooth, sensitive and fragile. The glaze, similar to skin, makes the lines appear purer, reproduces the characteristics of paper and the instant change of lines with rich visual effects. These vases are a continuation of the Adelaide series that Xie Dong originally made for Driade in 2 different sizes and shapes. The vase in the shape of a paper bag is inspired by the bags used for bread, in which the folds that form naturally on the paper have been solidified in porcelain. The result of the whole process of converting the material is a light and weightless visual experience. White is the colour most sensitive to surrounding environmental colours and light, reinforcing the rhythm of the folds and offering a sense of relaxation and serenity. The unique purity and transparency of porcelain make these vases a sensitive and fragile work of art.
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Technical data


Xie Dong

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White bone china porcelain vase, handcrafted.

Composition: bone china

Height: 14 cm

Width: 9,5 cm

Depth: 8,5 cm

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    Xie Dong

    Xie Dong was born in Beijing in 1967. After gratuating, she started to try various kinds of ceramic materials and techniques to express her art. She ventured in other form of art creation with different material such as cloth, paper and leather. She works essentially on phenomena, such as heaviness and lightness, on the dynamics of shapes, on elusive elements and throught a particular and complex technical...



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