Driade Opening in Dubai

In Dubai Driade inaugurated its new Flahship store which, for this occasion, has become an art gallery exhibiting the iconic pieces that have contributed to making the Brand famous all over the world.

Driade and ItalianCreationGroup pursue our international retail development strategy by stopping by at one of the most prestigious, luxury destinations. Partnered with LeCercle, to directly exhibit our historical iconic furnishings and our collection to customers we normally serve in European capitals, we have chosen a showcase as exclusive as the Dubai Design District. We consider this to be a very important step to draw closer to our public in the Middle East.

Here’s below the photogallery of the Dubai Driade Flagship Store.


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13_DSC_4324 7_DSC_3473 10_DSC_3545 9_DSC_3548 8_DSC_3352 6_DSC_3715 12_DSC_3347 11_DSC_3345

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