design furnishing accessories

Original mirrors, decorative carpets and rugs, poetic coat hangers, unexpected plant holders, umbrella stands: furnishing accessories with a strong personality, perfect to personalize every ambient.

The mirrors by Fredrikson Stallard have irregular profiles; the one by Bertocco/Locatelli has floral frames; the one by Pietro Derossi shatters the image; unframed are the ones by Antonia Astori as well as the birds by Ed Annink.

Full of surprise is the rug collection:  here are the minimalist rugs by Antonia Astori, decorative those by Linde Burkhardt and finely decorated one by Vittorio Locatelli. Driade furnishing accessories ‘ collection is completed by the works of Kazuyo Sejima,  Borek Sipek, Francesco Bolis and Becchelli/Bortolani/Maffei.

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